Seasonal Events in Japan~日本の季節のイベント~

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Japan has beautiful four seasons and variety of nature can be seen in every season, such as cherry blossoms in spring, fireworks in summer, autumn leaves in fall and new year holiday in winter.

In this article, we will  introduce autumn in Japan this time.





Autumn in Japan (日本の秋)


Normally autumn in Japan starts from September to November, but the temperature like summer lasts until October. However, the days gradually get shorter day by day, leaves change colors, and hear bug sounds of autumn that makes you feel the summer is nearing its end and the autumn has come. In autumn, there are lots of seasonal events, such as Ohigan, Moon viewing, Halloween, etc.




Ohigan (お彼岸)


Ohigan is a traditional week-long seasonal event held in Japan each spring and autumn. It has seven days in total, before the middle day of autumnal equinox called chuu-nichi and three days after that day. It is not held on the same day every year, but it is observed around mid-September. In Japan, autumnal equinox day is considered as venerating one’s ancestors and remember the dead, so it is said to be good for visiting their graves to greet and give thanks to them.






Moon Viewing (お月見)


Moon Viewing in Japan is an event that has been passed down in Japan since ancient times. People decorate with offerings of dumplings made to look like the moon, called tsukimi dango and autumn seasonal flowers to enjoy moon viewing.

There is an interesting custom called Tsukimi-Dorobo, which means Moon Viewing Thief in some areas. Children are allowed to steal rice dumplings from neighborhood, and this is known as Japanese style of Halloween.







Halloween (ハロウィン)


Recently, Halloween has been a quite popular event as known as to enjoy wearing costumes not only among children, but also adults. Especially the scramble intersection in Shibuya is overcrowded with people that traffic restriction is placed every year on Halloween event. There is costume contest being held at every place, so you can have a chance to see high quality costume every year. 







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