Shizuoka - a Japanese microcosm

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Shizuoka - a Japanese microcosm

It might be so that the first thing to spring to mind when thinking about Japan is Mount Fuji. This symbol of Japan is located in Shizuoka prefecture.

Shizuoka is a prefecture which faces the pacific ocean and is located in the heart of Japan. This place is blessed with nature's beauty consisting of ocean, mountains, lakes and forests and this could be said to be a representative microcosm of Japan.

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STEP1Places of interest

■ Mount Fuji
Mountaineers can climb Mount Fuji every year between July 1 and August 31. As long as you prepare well, elderly people as well as children can try it out. There are, however, a risk for falling stones and snow, but if you are cautious I think you will be able to enjoy the climb.

■ Onsen (Japanese hot spring)
It is said that the use of onsen is beneficial for physical beauty. Entering an onsen relaxes the body as well as soul and you might experiance a feeling of rejuvenation.
Shizuoka is the only place to experiance the healing effects of onsen while being surrounded by nature, the beauty of Mount Fuji or the occean.
There are 2500 places for onsen in Shizuoka, and out of these about 30 are historically well-known baths. The most famous are the ones located in the regions of Atsumi, Atagawa, Izu and Ito.

STEP2Nature scenery

■ Jougasaki Beach
The rias coastline of Jougasaki Beach was created by lava rushing from the Amagi Mountain Range.

■ Shiraito Falls (literally White thread falls)
Numerous waterfalls has formed from the lava gaps and the melt water from Mount Fuji. Every second 1.5 ton water comes streaming out. It got its name from the water which looks like a long silk thread comes streaming out from a 200 meter wide and 20 meter high cliff.

Recommended periods

Sakura-blossom season:
■ Sakura's origin
From Ito city 15 km south at the foot of the mountain lies a grand and magnificent 40 000 square meter park which has 3000 cherry trees in 40 different varieties.
■ Mount Fuji Cemetery
Mount Fuji holds a 2 300 000 square meter wide sacred park. The sakura blossoms have been selected from Japan's top hundred sakura varieties.

The colors of autumn:
■ Namesawa Canyon
A clear stream is flowing through the natural beauty of the valley. The setting from Yasushi Inoue's first novel "The hunting gun" is located among the mountains 6 km from Yugashima Onsen to the area of Amagi Mountain Pass. The colorful autumn season is especially stunning.

STEP3Local delicacies

■ Japanese green tea
Shizuoka can proudly show that it stands for 40 % of Japan's green tea production. The prefecture has capitalized on and become famous for its environment consisting of plateau landscapes (Fuji, Abe River, Tenryu River, Ooi river) suitable for cultivation of green tea leaves.

■ Sakura Shrimp
Sagami Nada This product is being distributed to Suruga Bay and areas in its proximity. It is usually eaten raw with wasabi and soy sauce, oven fried, fried or as shrimp and vegetable fritters.

■ Sushi
There are many sushi restaurants in the areas of Shimizu and Yaidu harbor. Fresh ingredients will make it a superb dish.


The whole area has a pacific ocean climate, but depending on the elevation of the area temperatures can greatly vary. Winter time is relatively warm but the temperature can go below zero in the morning and evening. In the middle of the day the average temperature is around 10 degrees. The northern mountain regions which border to Akaishi Mountains can sometimes receive heavy snowfall. In the summer extreme heat can occur in the western inland areas such as the Tenryu region, but in the middle of Toubu and it is generally cool. Most parts of Shizuoka usually experiences hot and damp weather, except Mount Fuji which in its warmest month has an average temperature of 6 degrees.


Sightseeing period

This depends of course on the goal of your trip. April and May is the best period for drinking tea made from freshly harvested tea leaves. If you are planning to climb Mount Fuji summer is recommended. However, whichever season you choose I'm sure you will enjoy it!

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