Osaka City is such a fun city

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Photo by f415er
Well-colored Osaka city. Osaka has strong image in people , street and everything. I thinks it is definitely interesting japan city. I will introduce about tourism in Osaka.

pic :Governor Hashimoto

日本語 :

STEP1Atraction・Famous Place :

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☆Floating Garden Observatory Shin Umeda City: A place where you want to go with your lover
※Fee \600 (Adult)
\500 (Junior and Senior High School Students)
\300 (Elementary School Studens)
\100 (Below 3 years old)
\500 (Above 65 years old)
☆Tsutenkaku: Observation Tower which have Symbol of Osaka.
※Fee \600 (Adult)
\500 (University Student)
\400 (Junior and Senior School Studen)
\300 (Kids)
☆America Village (AmeMura): It is well known as The west of Harajuku and The west of Shibuya. It is town for young people.
☆D?tonbori: Representing downtown of Osaka. A Great place to eat Special Osaka food.
☆Osaka Castle: A perfect place for who love castle.
 ※Fee \600 ( Adult)
Free for kids (below elementary school age).

pic : D?tonbori

STEP2Famous Food・Confectionary

Photo by f415er
Speaking of Osaka,even though many,it is teppanyaki(a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food). If you go to Osaka, you should eat "takoyaki"(fried or grilled octopus), "okonomiyaki"(a Japanese savoury pancake containing a variety of ingredients),"yakisoba"(fried noodles).Actually,Osaka still has more and more.
☆Ekiben(Railway boxed meal)「grated radish and gyusukijyu(beef with sukiyaki souce」a lunch box which using full of local beef. Ekiben made in Osaka is delicous, especially when eaten together with grated radishes which create a unique flavor
☆Kushikatsu(a Japanese-style of deep-fried kebab): Kushikatsu can be made with Beef, shrimp, onion, squid,scallop, raw mushrooms, tuna, and quail eggs etc which are skewered on bamboo kushi.
☆Dokeyaki: A boiled sweet miso and sweet sake jelly and cattle or konnyaku (gelatinous food made from devil's-tongue starch food).
☆Iwaokoshi・Awaokoshi: It is a rice cake.It is fragrant and elegant
taste. You can buy it for souvenir.

pic : dokeyaki

STEP3Temperature Climate

Maximun 33 ℃ (August)
Minimum 2.5 ℃ (January)


The city center has problems with the urban heat island phenomenon, but during night time temperatures often fall. If you like to spend in comfort, It is better to go during winter that summer, but If you wanto to see Osaka festival such as Aizen Festival, Tenjin festival, and Sumiyoshi Festival,you can't avoid summer.

Actually, I heard if you pretend to imitate shoot white gun" Bang" in front of Osaka People, they will say "Arghhhhh" while falling down.If you go to Osaka, please try it.

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