Kagawa, The Half-moon

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Kagawa Prefecture forms a half-moon; the Sanuki Mountain to the south reach heights of 800 meters and gradually descend north into the fertile Sanuki Plain and Kagawa is the smallest prefecture in Japan. With mild climate and elegant mountains, The travelers can take comfort in while also being a place to relax.

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Going to an open studio which used to make the movie " Twenty-four Eyes"village is a good option. It is located in Shodoshima. We can see how the residential area looked in the early Showa era. Because there are and Olive park, Shodoshima product many olive product. You can buy tsukudani (food boiled in sweetened sauce) as food souvenirs in Shodoshima. If you like contemporary art, Naoshima is the right place. Kagawa has many contemporary art museum in Naoshima such as Chichu Art Museum. The beautiful lights of Takamatsu city at night can be seen as well in Yashima which is a roof-shaped lava plateau that rising out of the Seto Inland Sea as a peninsula. Are you interested in salt? We can know about history and improvement of salt making technique from the ancient time up to date at Sakaide-City Salt Industry Museum. Splashes water on the Dragon and makes wishes. You can do it at Nio Ryu Matsuri -Nio Dragon Festival in Nio. This traditional event of praying for rain with a Dragon made of bamboo, which is 40m long and approximately 3 tons (6000 lbs.) in weight.


Why don't you try "Kaki no Kaizoku (pirate) yaki" ?It is prepared by grilling freshly-caught oysters with their shells on a hot plate. It is a good idea to go Mure town and while eating oyster, you can enjoy the smell of the sea and have a little nice talk with people around the hot table. Kagawa Prefecture has the most delicious udon in Japan. It is Sanuki udon. There are more that 700 sanuki udon shop in Kagawa.


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