Oita prefecture and its "nine hells of Beppu".

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Oita is a place famous for its hot springs especially in and around Beppu. Find out what places are worth visiting on your trip to this interesting prefecture.


STEP1Places of interest

There are many places here known as 'hells' or 'jigoku', which are geothermal hot spots. It has the second largest amount of geothermal hot water in the world after Yellowstone in the U.S. It has also been said to be Japan's onsen capital.

■Stone Buddhas in Bungo Takada
This is a place where Shintoism and Buddhism is said to have been fused together.

■Shouen Village
This is a place which have kept its natural environment intact for over 800 years. It is possible to stay at a farm here.

STEP2Local delicasies

Beppu is famous for having the best fugu (blowfish) in the country. This is a seasonal dish and the best month to have it is in January.

This is a specialty of Oita consisting of hand stretched wheat dumplings served in an iriko dashi based soup flavored with miso and vegetables.

STEP3Weather conditions

In the summer (July, August, September) the humidity is high and the sun is shining strongly.
During winter time temperature can go down to as low as 3 degrees.
Spring is the most comfortable season.


In order to experience the best possible seasonal fugu in Japan, go to Beppu in January.

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