Where can you go in Fukouka?

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Fukuoka-ken is in Kyushu island, Fukuoka is the capital of the Fukuoka-ken with same name.It is facing the sea on three sides and Bordering on Saga, Oita and kumamoto. Fukouka specially attract to all kind of people and they will enjoy the scenery and culture of its.

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■ ACROS Fukuoka bulding:

The ACROS Fukuoka Building is one of the great sample of architecture, due to its unique design. People visit the site just to catch a glimpse of the stunning building, although once you inside, you will find restaurant, shopping mall, the Fukuoka Symphony Hall and many government offices. This is the ideal place to come for a spot of lunch.

■ Beaches

Fukuoka have number of excellent beaches,its ideal for, water sports enthusiasts and those who are looking to relax and soak up with sun bath. Kyuka-mura Beach, Shikanoshima Beach and Keya Beach are popular beaches. There are many beach side attractions and restaurants to be found here, as well as hotels, bars and other popular entertainment venues.

■ Canal City

It is one of the popular attraction, calls itself a 'city-within-a-city' and is a large entertainment and shopping development. Canal City boasts a variety of attractions for people of all ages, including Fukuoka City Theater, 13 full-size cinemas and Fukuoka Joypolis, an innovative amusement park. Comprising six buildings and a central amphitheatre, further highlights include.


  It is famous among the ski lover and main attraction boasts a 60-meter / 197-foot slope, quarter-pipe. Snow is generated everyday and whilst it is not real snow, it is completely free from chemicals. Once you've had fun on the slopes, treat yourself to a drink and some food in the sports bar. All equipment can be rented and people of all levels of experience are welcome.

During the winter months (through February), take a ride down a scenic canal in Yanagawa in one of 150 small "kotatsu-bune" boats. In the boat, you keep your legs covered with a "kotatsu" quilt, while sitting at a low table equipped with a charcoal braziers. During the ride you can often enjoy cups of hot sake and mikan (mandarin orange) citrus fruits, common to this area during the winter months.


■ Fukuoka Ramen
If you are in Fukuoka and if you don`t try Fukuka ramen then its like you were never been in Fukuoka.Try some Fuokouka ramen"Tonkatsu ramen"(pork) then you will yes like me.

■ Metaiko

its another famous food in fukouka,may be you have try another mantaiko .And said "oh that its ok" after you`ve try Fukouka mataiko then you will say ,"oho maitaiko".


The subway, train, and bus system all stops once you hit the AM that is the transportation shutdown at around midnight and starts again at 6:00 AM. So not be late if you just hang up,you were going to miss the train.

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