Wakayama,beautiful nature and historical treasures

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Wakayama is a prefecture for enjoying nature blessings and historical assets in the southwest of Kii peninsula which is the largest in Japan, facing the Pacific Ocean with average temperature 17 degree and generally warm in coastal areas and 11 degree or less in the inland that cut down mountainous area. Wakayama is rich in tourism resource and product.

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If you want to go to hot spring with ocean view, go to Wakayama. It has many hot springs with ocean view. Wakayama has Ryujin Hot spring, Shirasuna, Katsuura hot spring and many. The ryujin hot spring type contains a clear and colorless natrium hydrogen carbonate which has potency of curing gastroenteric disorder and neuralgia. This hot spring make smooth skin. It is famous is one of the three beauty hot spring in Japan. If you have problem burn, chronic skin diseases,chronic female diseases you better go to Shirasuna hot spring. Because this hot spring type is natrium chloride


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Do you know Kakinoha sushi? It is local cuisine available only in the upstream area of Kino River, famous production area of persimmon. It is lightly peeled salted mackerel on bite-sized rice seasoned with vinegar to make lightly-pressed sushi by wrapping it in a persimmon leaf used as antiseptic was the idea of people living on river basin with poor harvest of raw fish sushi. You can go to festival of Arida or Hidaka area, you will find Nare sushi. It is mackerel on a big rice bal, roll it with bamboo or plantain leaf to barrel it and leaven it for a long time.


During autumn, you can go to Momijidani garden which is located in Wakayama Castle. It is a famous maple tree garden. If you want to taste the best hundred waters, you can go to Kimii-Dera Temple. In the precints there are 3 well water. They are called "Kisshou sui", "Youryuu sui", and "Shoujou sui". you can enjoy the mysterious and unique rock formation along the long seacoast It is look like a hiding place for Gods.


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