Best of the Best, Hokkaido is the Best.

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Hokkaido is Japan's largest island and the 21th largest islands in the world.As an island,There are many attractions of Hokkaido including four distinctive seasons, untouched majestic nature, and plenty of great food.Sapporo, with the 5th largest population in Japan, is the political and economic center of Hokkaido.The Central Area includes Sapporo, the biggest city in Hokkaido.

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■ Cape Kamui

Women were once forbidden on this cape because of the legend of Yoshitsune, in which the boat of a girl who loved Yoshitsune capsized there. In summer it is covered with daylilies.

■ Cape Erimo

The cape became famous all over Japan after the release of Shinichi Mori’s song Nanimo Nai Erimo Misaki , and even now many tourists come to the cape. There is a plaque next to the observatory with the song engraved on it, made when Shinichi Mori visited the town, as well as one with Chiyoko Shimakura’s song Erimo Misaki (Cape Erimo).

■ Cape Notoro

This is best place to see drift ice. At here you can see the massive Sea of Okhotsk spreading out around you, with Steller's sea eagles flying above you.

■ Nosappu Cape

Nosappu Cape is located at easternmost point of Japan, this cape is the first place in Japan to see the sun. Notappu Lighthouse, which stands at the very tip of the cape, was lit in 1872, making it the oldest lighthouse in Japan.At short sun rise from here.

■ Jozankei Onsen
It is located inside Shikotsu-Toya National Park between the high cliffs of the Toyohira River,and its only one hour from Sapporo, As a result, Jozankei is very developed compared to other, smaller onsen towns in Hokkaido.

■ 900 grassland

Over 2300 dairy cows graze on this vast 930 hectare plain. See a breathtaking 360-degree panorama of farmland.


■ Ski/snowboarding

If you are fan of snow then you must visit Hokkaido.If you ask skiers in Japan,“which ski and snowboarding slopes do you want to visit most in the country?”, then many of them will probably answer“Hokkaido's!”.

■ Golf

If you are really glof player then probably you like playing against nature and which makes Hokkaido is the best palce ,to play with cool wind and low in humidity.

■ Rafting

Hokkaido is a key site for outdoor activities and is not like other places in Japan,you can ride in rough water and get chance to have a wild experience.

■ Horseback Riding

Hokkaido is also be known as one of the most famous horse producing prefectures. Many farms are seen across Hokkaido and you can look closely at the elegant racehorses living there, then you would feel like riding one of them.Even you don`t have experience you can get easy course and enjoy riding throug woods.


■ Izushi
Its speciall dish that you only can find in Hokkaido ,its a form of sushi that initially served as a method of food preservation and is quite different from the famous nigiri style we see today. Fresh salmon or other fish is fermented with steamed rice and vegetables such as julienned carrots, daikon and ginger over a period of one to two months. Hokkaido is particularly famous for this salmon variety.

⇒ Sweets
The image of "Hokkaido Brand" is established brand all over Japan,sweets in here are soft and delicious.Whippy ice cream called “soft cream” is popular in Hokkaido and many people travel to here for just this soft cream.

■ Local Cuisine
Hokkaido or you can say"kingdom of food",because there are a lot of unique dishes. Among them "gotouchi gourmet","Bibai yakitori","curry ramen",
"omu-curry"are popular foods.
It’s cold in winter in Hokkaido, and people love hot pot dishes, too.


If you are going to trip in Hokkaido then a leave holiday for a week.if you don`t then may be you can`t have full fun of Hokkaido.

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