Explore Yamaguchi " The kyoto of the West "

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Yamaguchi is located in the western most part of Honshu, and is surrounded on three sides by the sea. With population is approximately 1.49 million people and have a mild climate. Yamaguchi is known as the Kyoto of the West, and Ouchi culture flourished. Many great experiences awaits you in Yamaguchi.

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Kintai Bridge, spanning as evidence of relationship between human being and nature. This five arched wooden structure is considered a symbol of western honsyu. There are many festival that is held around the Kindai Bridge which is located at iwasaki nishiki river. The area on the banks of the Nishiki river close to bridge is considered among the best places in Japan for Hanami (cherry blossom) and Autumn color change of the Japanese maples.


Enjoy the nature of Akiyoshidai Quasi-National Park. It covers most of the Akiyoshidai, a 130 square kilometer area of karst topography. It is a good idea to go to Akiyoshido (cave), This spacious cave is up to 100 meters wide and has 8.79 kilometers of passages, making it the longest in Japan and one of the longest in Asia. Apparently the path goes as far as 10km, but the regular tourist route only goes as deep as 1km and The temperature is 17°C throughout the year.

For culinary tours in Yamaguchi, You have to try tsukimachi crab. It is know as the gazami crab. The crab meat has a delicate sweetness and unique smell either boiled or grilled. You must try the unique taste of Hagi's ice goby. For you who live fish , karatoichiba is a good pleace to visit. You can find many fish at there. especially japanese blowfish. Please try the unique tate of Hagi's ice goby.


In April you can enjoy the Kintai bridge Festival.In summer you can explore Akiyoshidai festival. Go in winter so you can tatste the delicious tsukimachi crab.

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