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"Niigata" literally means "new lagoon".Niigata prefecture located on the Sea of Japan side of Honshu with mountains and mountain passes.
Since there is a lot of snowfall in this prefecture, there are many ski resorts especially in the mountain areas.Due to the different geological factors, it can be divided into four areas: Joetsu, Chuetsu, Kaetsu, and Sado.

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STEP1 Travel

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In Niigata pref. bus system are good, but also its very easy to walk everywhere, since most of the main attractions are within walking distance of each other.

Here are some popular places which you can visit in Niigata.

⇒ "Echigo hillside park" in Nagaoka, near Niigata city. It is a national park. You can see beautiful Japanese flowers, trees and gardens. Also, it has great restaurant and BBQ place. \400.

⇒ You can see the scenery of Niigata City from the waterbus that runs along the Shinano River. There is also an open-air deck where passengers can relax and enjoy the view from the river outside.

⇒ The Northern Culture Museum built in 1885-1887. The museum comprises several buildings, and a few restaurants/cafes.It is worth at least a half day visit.

You can visit Fossa Magna Museum ,its about,minerals and fossils dug up from fossa magna plates .Inside the museum exhibits are divided into the four themes of “Birth of the Planet”, “Fascinating Rocks”, “Romance of Mother Earth”, and “Rocks and Humans"

STEP2 Food

Niigata is well known for its rice,some think Niigata rice is best rice in Japan.

Niigata is also well known for different kind of no. of bar ,there are number of foreigner-run bars in the city.
Niigata prefecture is an area rich in natural resources and it's natural park area ranks second in the nation. Niigata-ken also has the second most bathing beaches in Japan, the third most ski resorts and the fourth most hot springs in the country.


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